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1Important Forum Rules on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:14 am


Please follow these rules or you end up getting warned and/or banned.

No Hacking - If you are caught hacking, you will be banned by your I.P. and it will be turned into the Law.

No Profanity - You may not use any words such as Ass or like A s s.

No Spamming - If you spam this forum you will be banned without notice.

No Advertising - This includes Signatures, Avatar, Post, and Profile Fields.

No Double posting - If you double post you will be warned.

No Multiple Accounts - If you have more then 1 account here, both will be banned.

No harassing anyone - If you are caught harassing anyone, you will be banned without notice.

No Pornographic Pictures - If you post and pornographic pictures you'll be banned without notice by your I.P.

No Illegal Suggestions/Material - Do not steal any Copyright from another forum as it will result in a ban.

No Flaming, Bashing, and Trolling - You may not FLAME (make all words caps) as it will result in a warning.

Do not Moderate any other members - If you Moderate any members you will be warned.

Do not give out any personal info - Do not give out any personal info. Only unless a staff ask. We are not responsible for any actions.

All Staff decisions are final - If you argue you will receive a warning.

No External Links - If you post a link to another site other then Support Craze you will be warned.

Instant Removal - If you post any content that violates a rule, it will be removed asap.

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